5 Minute DIY Faux Headboard


Cost: Free (I used materials I found around the house.)



Piece of foam cut to desired size – Ours was 54” x 39” to fit over a queen sized bed

Fabric large enough to cover foam – We recycled a shower curtain from Pottery Barn

Push pins

4 short screws

Piece of cord a little longer than the width of your headboard


To start, make sure your fabric is free of wrinkles and lay it out with the print facing the floor. Fabric shower curtains, sheets, or tapestries are great (and possibly inexpensive) alternatives to upholstery fabric sold by the yard. If you don’t have a piece of fabric already, I’d start by looking at Target and Urban Outfitters, two stores who have contemporary designs at affordable prices.


Lay the piece of foam on top of the fabric. Then wrap the fabric around the foam, folding it like you would wrap a present. Use the push pins to secure it to the foam. The best part about using push pins (and foam) is you save the integrity of the fabric. I figure I will eventually want to use this as a shower curtain again and no one will notice the tiny pin holes. (They may, however, notice the new guest bath decor looks suspiciously like the old guest room headboard.)


Once the fabric is pinned all the way around, screw one screw into each upper corner of the foam. The screws don’t have to be perfectly level with each other since it’s extremely simple to adjust this super lightweight headboard once it’s hung. Then tie the ends of the cord around the screws.


To hang it up, screw the remaining two screws into the wall above the bed, spacing them wide apart, but not wider than the screws on the back of the headboard. Make sure these screws are level with one another. Hang the cord over both screws and adjust the headboard until it hangs straight.

Sleep tight!


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