Toddler Library Box: A Card-boredom Cure

Our new kitchen sink arrived today. First, I wondered how the heck I was going to muscle the ginormous box into the Jeep to drop off at the granite fabricator (who is undermounting the sink on our new counter tops). That wasn’t happening, so I unpacked the box instead. Then, I wondered how that empty box could entertain us (me, The Bear, and The Bean) until naptime. It was only 30 minutes away… We decided it would make an excellent library.


One pair of scissors and two minutes later, we were ready to play. After cutting out a window, we needed a little table to support the checkout counter. The Bear already had a checkout toy, but if you don’t have one, I remember a hair brush “scanner” and calculator working just fine when I was growing up.

The book drop slot went on the side. Returning books (aka shoving them into the hole and watching them drop) is easily as much fun as the checkout process.


And before you overachieving moms sigh disappointingly at the unadorned, lackluster brown “” facade, I would like to say seriously, that is the point. It’s just cardboard. From doorstep or closet to ribbon cutting ceremony in under two minutes. Besides, I love that The Bear has no problem imagining this box as a library. Maybe next week it will be a produce stand, a movie theater, the post office, or the doctor’s. But for now, it’s naptime. Thankfully, we have a closed sign.




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