DIY Pizza and Sandwich Felt Food

In a busy bag swap I participated in last year, my daughter got this felt pizza making kit. She absolutely loved it. We let her borrow a spatula and a pan. She appointed herself chef and designated a shelf in her room to be the oven. She took our pizza orders very seriously. And I’ve never eaten so much fake food in my life.


Most of the pieces are just shapes cut out of felt (found at Walmart for pretty cheap). The dough was actually two circles that were stuffed with cotton and sewed together. That made it stiff enough to handle and keep the toppings from sliding off.


Included in the busy bag kit was one dough, one red sauce circle, one slightly smaller yellow cheese circle, four green bell pepper rings, three white mushrooms, and five red pepperonis.

While I never intended our felt food pantry to grow beyond the pizza, I saw an article in Parents magazine last spring and knew we needed a sandwich set up too. It must have been those high school days I moonlighted at Blimpie’s subs…


It looks good enough to eat, right? Inspired by the pizza dough, I ended up using two pieces of felt for each bread slice, stuffing it with cotton, and sewing the pieces together. The only other pieces I sewed were the tomatoes and cucumbers. But if I was better with glue or had puffy paint on hand (as shown in the Parents article), I would have gone that route.

DSC06042 - Copy.JPG

Our sandwich kit included two bread slices, two Swiss cheese slices, one turkey slice, one ham slice, two lettuce leafs, two tomatoes, three onion rings, and four pickles. The Bear thinks it’s hilarious to hide pickles in our pizza now. No matter what pizza you order, you’re getting pickled.


To make the pickles, I cut a lighter green circle to lay on top of a darker green circle. Then I used white stitches to look like “seeds.” To make the tomatoes, I cut four triangles out of orange and red circles. Then I laid one orange circle on one red circle, rotating so the holes didn’t line up and stitched them together.


Watch out for that pickled pizza!




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