Two Paperclips, Some Ribbon, and a Pair of Pliers Bike Streamers

There’s only one thing more exciting than your first big kid bike—a big kid bike decked out with colorful streamers that straight up flutter in the wind while you zoom around the block. This past weekend, The Bear graduated to the training wheel class. To personalize her ride, we made some streamers for the handle bars.

IMG_3991 (2).JPG

The streamers cost nothing and only took about 5 minutes to bang together. First, gather supplies. All you need is an assortment of ribbon (about 4-5 yards), 2 paper clips, scissors, and a pair of needle nosed pliers. For our ribbon, we raided my grandmother’s sewing box.


Start cutting ribbon. We cut two batches of matching ribbons into various lengths between 12-24”. (Cut them twice as long as you want the final length of the streamers to be since the ribbons will be folded in half.) We ended up with 7 different pieces for each handlebar (14 ribbons total).

Next, bend out one side of the paper clip and insert it into the bike handle, pushing it through so the straight part comes out of the hole on the end of the grip.


Stack the ribbons together and find the midpoint. Lay the ribbon bundle on top of the protruding paper clip end.

Use the pliers to wrap the paper clip around the ribbons several times.


Slide the grips back onto the bike and start your engines!

(Or in our case, take apart the streamers you just made and reassemble them onto the handlebars of the new bike you just purchased because it only cost a few dollars more than all the parts needed to get the old hand-me-down bike working.)



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