Worm Bin – Take 2

wooden worm bin

When we bought our house last year, I planned to start a compost bin right away. I bought an extra 10 gallon trash can and drilled holes through the bottom and on the lid. I even collected kitchen scraps for like a week. Then Project Compost came to a halt.

Our new house doesn’t have “woods,” and there isn’t much tree debris around the yard to use for mixing the compost. For a few days, I dragged the trash can around the yard. I tested spot after spot, trying to find somewhere I could conceal it that was also close to a few dead leaves. It was seriously stressing me out.

Enter the love of my life and a bucket of worms. Rocksteady and The Bear built me a wooden three-tiered worm bin for Mother’s Day. Best. Gift. Ever.

worm bin

Vermicomposting is for the seriously lazy, i.e. me. Once you get the worm habitat established, they do all the work. No turning. No waiting for the pile to cook.

We tucked it in the shade under the fig tree on the side of the house. I added some shredded newspaper and food scraps and worms and then life happened. I was exceptionally lazy (and five months round). I forgot to keep the bin watered. It was a really hot May. The worms cooked. Oops.

Now, almost a year later, I’m ready to give vermicomposting another go. With The Bear’s help, we made a worm lasagna. First, we layered shredded paper (salvaged from final essays not picked up by my students) and brown material (leaves and pine needles).

worm bin paper

Next, we added top soil and our kitchen scraps.

worm bin food

Last, we added more shredded essays, more leaves, and…

worm compost


red wiggler worms

Fat red wigglers to be exact.

worm bin water

After watering thoroughly, we put the upper bin on top and wished the worms well. Good luck little guys! (I’m sure you’ll need it.)

wooden worm bin



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