Preschool Vegetable Garden – 6 Weeks Later

worms vegetable garden

Six weeks ago, I helped start a vegetable garden at my daughter’s preschool. Last week, I joined her class to check on the garden and talk about WORMS! I showed the kids pictures of the worm bin we have at home, and then we talked about vermicomposting. Say WHAT!?

worm garden.png

To demonstrate, I brought in a small box of worms, borrowed from our worm bin, and a bag of fresh picked green beans. First, we talked about the parts of food that we throw away. Then, we decided the worms were SUPER hungry, and maybe they would like to eat our kitchen scraps. Despite a few confused expressions, the kids love snapping the ends off the green beans and feeding them to the worms. (Our home garden is very thankful for the class’s help in making our compost.)

When we headed out to the garden we found lots of green tomatoes, baby green beans, and flowers on the beans and marigolds. The sugar snap peas are starting to climb the trellis and even the dill has sprouted!

cherry tomatoes garden

But the most colorful addition to the garden is the student painted garden markers.

peppers paint stick garden marker

san marzano tomato paint stick garden marker

While there was nothing ripe enough to pick, the class LOVED releasing new earthworms into the garden. They will put nutrients back into the dirt and help it aerate.

worms vegetable garden

Some of the kids were even kind enough to dig little holes for the worms to crawl into.

worms garden

preschool garden worms

earthworms garden

Wiggle on worms!





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