Barbie No Sew Koozie Dress

barbie no sew koozie dress

When my daughter needed new outfits for her Barbies (because heaven forbid her dolls just trade outfits with each other), I looked around the house for some inspiration. I wanted a no sew dress that was quick to make but also easy enough for The Bear to dress the dolls herself. That eliminated any sort of outfit that required tying.

First, we made a sock dress.

barbie sock dress

It was super simple to make—just cut off the top of a toddler sized sock. But it seriously lacks pizzazz. I mean, Fashion Barbie has low lights. If I wouldn’t be caught dead in a knit tube dress, there’s no way she’s wearing it.

In the kitchen, I struck gold. I found a zebra striped beer koozie. It was just one of the zillion koozies junking up the drawer. Obviously, we attend a lot of weddings. Right…

The koozie already had two slits on either sides that I figured would work as the arm holes, so all we needed was the neck cutout. I used a quarter to measure as I cut.

koozie no sew barbie dress

And voila! A little avant garde, don’t you think?

no sew koozie barbie dress

It was so chic and easy, we ended up making two.

barbie no sew koozie dress

What are your no sew solutions?



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