Painted Concrete Patio

The past few weeks have been crazy hectic, but at least it’s for a good reason. Rocksteady got offered a great job opportunity in Jacksonville! We are stoked to be moving back to where our love story began, the city of seven bridges. But first, we have to sell our house, find and arrange temporary living, tour and select a preschool, and transport life 1.5 hours north. No biggie. This will our TENTH move together. We’ve got this.

In preparing to list our house, we have taken on a multitude of smallish projects improve the property, including updating the fireplace with mosaic tiles and replacing the half window back door with a full window back door. Of course, as soon as we put in the new glass door, we noticed how crappy the back patio looked.

peeling concrete patio

A peeling, cracked surface practically adjacent to our newly remodeled kitchen and family room was not going to fly. Especially since the reason we wanted a larger window on the door was to enjoy the gorgeous backyard views.

backyard lake

Painting the concrete was an easy and affordable way to clean up the patio. We borrowed concrete etcher from my dad, which helped prepare the pathetic looking patio for paint.

concrete etcher

The concrete etcher was easy to use. Just clean the surface, then scrub the concrete with the etcher. Wait about 10-20 minutes, then spray off the surface to remove the etcher. Once the concrete is dry, you are ready to paint.

painted concrete patios

What a difference just one coat of paint made! The light tan color we chose, Valspur’s “Hopstack,” looks great against the white exterior of the house and next to the green grass. It’s a little darker than it appears in these pictures.

painted patio

For $26 in paint, this project now lets us enjoy the million (or at least hundred) dollar view without the distraction of an eyesore patio. Hopefully, the next homeowner will love it as much as we do. 🙂



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