Weed Plot to Grill Pad

grill pad concrete patio

When we bought our house last September, the backyard had potential but needed some tough love. As in rip out fences, haul away trash, and beat back the jungle love. And then there was this…

porch side yard

This area off the porch was packed with random (gigantic) planters and empty kitty litter containers left by the previous owners. We quickly realized the wood “installations” were not going to budge until they were empty. Of course, fire ants were nesting in the dirt inside the planters.

Fortunately, after a full on fire ant raid, we were able to repurpose the planter shown in front. Rocksteady took off the top “box” and added two planks of wood to create a potting table that we set up on the other side of the house by the veggie garden.

Once the junk was removed, we admired our patch of weeds. It was the perfect spot for our man/grill pad.

grill pad concrete patio

To create the pad, Rocksteady built a wooden frame to contain the wet concrete. I mixed, Rocksteady poured and smoothed.

mixing concrete patio

Rocksteady mixed, I took a break…

We planned to stop the concrete pad where it extends to the fence because there is a sprinkler head right there. My dad had the suggestion to cut the concrete in (away from the fence) to create a landscaping bed. By doing that, we were able to extend the concrete all the way to the end of the porch. We added some pavers we found on the side of the house to bridge the walkway between the concrete pad and the porch. They are spaced wide enough that we hope the grass will fill in between them. The two tall plants against the fence are strand ginger plants we found for $11 each. They instantly camouflaged the fence with some fresh and so green green.

grill patio concrete pavers porch

Tonight we’re grilling, who’s chilling?


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