Staying Smart This Summer with an Alphabet Word Project

alphabet word picture flaps

Summertime! Yesterday was the first day off school. I’ve been looking forward to hanging out with both my girls this summer, especially spending more time with The Bear since she’s no longer at school five days a week. But yikes, what were we going to do all day? Both girls LOVE arts and crafts, so I figured coming up with some fun artsy activities would be one way to keep us happily occupied, away from the TV, and if possible, reinforcing all the wonderful things The Bear learned this past year in Pre-K.

This week we started making alphabet word flap sheets! It ended up being a great project that The Bear helped me assemble. It helps your child practice all the following skills: cutting, gluing, coloring inside the lines, tracing letters, writing words, and learning to sound out letters to read words.

alphabet flap supplies scissors glue paper

The only supplies you need are construction paper, glue, scissors, and alphabet word worksheets. I downloaded all 26 for FREE from This Reading Mama’s blog. We happened to have lined paper too, which I added to the front of the flaps so The Bear can work on writing neatly.

construction paper scissors glue

First, fold a sheet of construction paper into nine squares and cut them out. If you do two pieces of construction paper (making 18 squares), you have enough “flaps” for three letters of the alphabet.

word strips lined paper glue

Next, I cut out strips of the lined writing paper to add to the front of the flaps. You can skip this step if you want.

word flap supplies

Once we were done, we had the materials prepped for three different alphabet word flap sheets. Our goal is to master three letters (and their words) a week.

writing alphabet words

I let The Bear practice her writing skills by letting her copy the words onto the front of each flap. The activity I modeled this after put the pictures on the front and the word under the flap. That seemed backwards to me since the point is trying to sound out the word by knowing what sounds the letters make and blending them together. The pictures under the flap let your child know if they were right.

alphabet word pictures flap book

At the top of the sheet, I added the traceable letter of the day plus “is for…” Then, I glued the flaps onto the sheet of construction paper. The Bear carefully cut out the pictures and glued them under the corresponding flaps.


Last, The Bear traced the letter and colored in the pictures. She tried very hard to stay inside the lines!

alphabet word picture flaps

All done! What summer activities are you doing at your home to stay sharp?



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