Nature Bracelets: Exploring the “Secret” Garden Just Steps From Our Front Door

flower bracelets duct tape nature

We’ve had daily downpours on and off for weeks now. Then both girls were sick. As a result, it felt like months since we had been on a bike ride or played in the veggie patch. Yesterday, we finally had a break in dismal weather and the girls were feeling well enough to go for a short walk. To art things up a bit, we made nature bracelets!

nature bracelet flowers walk garden

We wrapped white duct tape, sticky side out, around our wrists and off we went. Within fifty feet of our front door we found a cornucopia of colors and textures. As a general rule, I don’t encourage the girls to go crazy picking flowers (they could easily locust-like annihilate a poor unsuspecting lantana bush in under 90 seconds), so they were extra excited to be allowed to pick one flower per plant.

flower bracelets duct tape nature

We marveled at all the colors we found within reach of the sidewalk…black and blue saliva to purple and white lemon blossoms to yellow and orange bulbine. Even though I pass by these plants and flowers almost daily going to and from our home, I certainly didn’t appreciate the beauty of our own secret garden until now. The best part was sharing this adventure with my two half sized friends!


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